Hello I am Martin

Born 1978 and raised in Hamburg. Since 2001 i call Cape Town my so-called second home.

( Aww that’s out of date.. I´m a father of two now and we´re back in Hamburg for good ) 

It feels a bit difficult to do a short About Me. Lets keep it short, just the facts..or, fuck it.. i tell the whole Story.. still short.

So.. I used to be a Hip-Hop Dj for a living for the past 20 years as Dj Mixwell, known as Samy Deluxe´s Live & Studio Dj, Partner in Crime with DJ Flashdance a.k.a. Jan Delay and simply as a very good DJ. I still do it (good:) and love it 100 %  but its more an hobby these days. 

I truly see myself as an Artist and Craftsman who is interested in many Arts, mainly in Music as u know now and photography. While taking pictures and capturing moments i always found some magic but i never took it too serious until i had a great opportunity to assist the Lifestyle- & People-Photographer and friend Tobias Gromatzki . I actually re-placed my pregnant girlfriend who did the 1st Assistance very well but was not able to continue at some point. Tobi had and still got big clients and shoots big campaigns, so the water was quiet cold but i came alright and had a great chance to learn on a high level. 

Today ( 03/18 ) we are still a team including my fiancee every now and then, while she is busy working on her own. I have also two other patients, i love to work with ..or maybe the other way around. Florian Bison, a Sports- & Lifestyle-Photographer and Lars Schneider, a Outdoor-, Landscape- & Sports-Photographer.

They use me as universal weapon, so i am no stranger to Digital, 2nd Unit / Shooter, Production or human trolly but my jokes-library is overseeable.

2018 sorry 19 .. 2020 is planed to be my year. i am working on my portfolio. My keywords : Authentic, Sports & Outdoors.